My name is Sonja Femia. I live in the Greater Toronto area.  I have always been passionate about animals! My entry into the world of purebred dogs began in 1973 with Irish Setters. My childhood dream of owning a Borzoi was realized in the mid-seventies. I enjoyed a successful show / breeding career producing Best in Specialty Show winning Borzois under the Koslovka prefix.   

Years later my young daughter was pining for a small companion dog and we both fell madly in love with the Coton. These engaging little dogs captured our hearts and the rest is history. We have been entertained by these precious little Cotons for 18 plus years now. 

I have always aimed for genetic diversity and the health and wellbeing of these sweet little dogs. I am passionate and committed to the breed, my dogs and to my puppy buyers. I have a secret FB Group for all of my puppy people and potential puppy people. Please reach out to join the Cottoncandy family.